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Auditmacs Insights: Why you should work with a technology consultant?

| Why you should work with a technology consultant? Using a technology consultant saves a company both time and money by finding the details and gathering the required information about the providers available. It also allows the enterprise to get the best deal. Auditmacs has insider information about all carriers and have the experience to [...]

Auditmacs Insights: What the heck is CMaaS?

| What the heck is CMaaS? When companies rely on their internet and carrier services to get their work done, it is inevitable that something will go wrong at some point. In most cases, it is a well-paid I.T. person that must sit on the phone with the company’s carrier for hours. Auditmacs can tackle [...]

Auditmacs Insights: How to improve your customer experience

| How to improve your customer experience Like you, we have experienced the frustration of receiving bad support when dealing with a company’s contact center. For many, it feels like we have come to expect poor service as the rule, not the exception. At Auditmacs, we believe it doesn’t have to be that way. By [...]

Auditmacs Insights: Keys to a Successful Cloud Migration

| Keys to a Successful Cloud Migration If you're one of the many companies moving their data and compute to the cloud, you'll want to make sure the transition takes place with as few bumps as possible. The first key to successful migration is discovery and analysis. Intimate knowledge of the current environment enables the [...]

Auditmacs Insights: Keeping remote workers engaged

| Keeping remote workers engaged Many companies now have a growing number of employees that either work from home or different locations, outside of the traditional office. The number of remote workers is set to skyrocket over the next five years. To keep your remote employees engaged, your organization has to equip them with the [...]

Auditmacs Insights: How can you save 15% or more on your Communications Services?

| How can you save 15% or more on your Communications Services? The first step for an enterprise to begin saving money on their Communication Services is to understand their current inventory. Having a single comprehensive view into all of your locations and their associated services is essential. Second, it is critical to understand all [...]

Auditmacs Insights: What you don’t know CAN hurt you

| What you don't know CAN hurt you When it comes to managing all of the intricacies of your enterprise's technology services, missing small details here and there can have massive impacts. Seemingly small oversights can add up into large amounts of lost time and money. Auditmacs is here to help. We will audit your [...]

Auditmacs Insights: Need for Speed

| Need for Speed In an ever-growing digital landscape, your company must provide its employees with the technological tools they’ll need to get the job done regardless of their location. This increased demand for mobile computing devices armed with key business applications creates numerous new challenges for today’s IT departments. Determining the right devices, the [...]

Auditmacs Insights: Is BYOD SOL without MDM?

| Is BYOD SOL without MDM? Auditmacs Insights—your guide to being the hero in your I.T. organization. With companies becoming more and more digital, the storing and transferring of information now involves many different people and devices. This can be risky because there are always people joining and leaving the company with large amounts of [...]

Auditmacs Insights: Do your devices disappear like socks in the dryer?

| Do your devices disappear like socks in the dryer? Welcome to Auditmacs Insights—your guide with helpful tips to being the hero in your I.T. organization. So, we've all been there before, right? You're doing your laundry at the house and the dryer bell goes off. You go to open it up and start to [...]

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What Clients Are Saying

Cost Savings

We saved over $500K in wireline services and over $100k in wireless services during this process. Auditmacs really came through on their promise of delivering a cost savings and handling all of our communications billing.
Senior Telecom Manager
Regional Credit Union

Super Service

This kind of service is exactly why we hired them….Their team is a shining example of “earning our business everyday!
National Engineering and Design Firm

Skilled Team

I’m always very impressed at the level of excellent interpersonal skill by your team. They go above and beyond to assist me with my corporate devices. I am not a computer savvy person, however the team is very patient and more importantly, they put my concerns at ease and made the transition with my new phone easy.
Regional Hospital

Amazing Partnership

The Partnership with Auditmacs is extremely important to us because they provide services that are not core to our us, specifically in the areas of IT, Mobility, and Telecom
Gary Chartrand
Chairman of Acosta