Multiplier Effect

Auditmacs consultants are masters of the multiplier effect.  Our optimization practice works hard to create financial value that multiplies in value long after the optimization project.  While so much focus is given to the financial results – and rightfully so – our optimization practice often generates tangible multiplier effect value within your operations, your brand, and yes, within the client experience you are creating.


Imagine you had the benefit of insight into the benchmarking and strategies of some of the largest enterprises in the world.  It would be like knowing which stock is going to jump 20 points a week in advance.  Our extensive team of experts can leverage this insight to create the ultimate multiplier effect within your technology ecosystem.  Some of our technology optimization services include:

It’s time to Imagine…

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What Clients Are Saying

Cost Savings

We saved over $500K in wireline services and over $100k in wireless services during this process. Auditmacs really came through on their promise of delivering a cost savings and handling all of our communications billing.
Senior Telecom Manager
Regional Credit Union

Super Service

This kind of service is exactly why we hired them….Their team is a shining example of “earning our business everyday!
National Engineering and Design Firm

Skilled Team

I’m always very impressed at the level of excellent interpersonal skill by your team. They go above and beyond to assist me with my corporate devices. I am not a computer savvy person, however the team is very patient and more importantly, they put my concerns at ease.
Regional Hospital

Amazing Partnership

The Partnership with Auditmacs is extremely important to us because they provide services that are not core to our us, specifically in the areas of IT, Mobility, and Telecom
Gary Chartrand
Chairman of Acosta
managed services
devices deployed
awards won
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