“Tech Talk USA” with Nicholas Szymanski from Signature Healthcare

Each week on “Tech Talk USA,” our host Jeff Hootselle sits down with experts in the information technology world. This week, Jeff spoke to Nicholas Szymanski from Signature Healthcare.

Signature Healthcare is a community hospital that is just under 200 beds located in Brockton Massachusetts.

To learn more, visit https://www.signature-healthcare.org.

Short company description: Signature Healthcare is a community hospital that is just under 200 beds located in Brockton Massachusetts.

What is your competitive differentiator?: As an organization we provide top notch care of our patients. In almost every publicly reported category and survey, we are in the top tier.

How did you get started in Technology?: I was always into gadgets since I was young and carried over into my education, especially college when I went for network engineering. Technology always interested me and I felt comfortable thinking outside the box in that realm, it was rewarded and rewarding.

What do you consider to be biggest challenge when bridging the gap between IT and the overall business for most companies?: Healthcare is very interesting and we are in the midst of a paradigm shift. IT used to be more of a brick and mortar approach where “IT just fixed computers”. We now are pushing the limits and demanding we be at the table with the rest of the organizational leaders. The value we can provide is almost untapped in many respects.

What is the best or most worthwhile technology investment that you have made in the past 10 years?: Investing heavily into the security realm without question is the most important investment. Being in healthcare, the inherent data is incredibly valuable to the “bad guys” that we have to and we must do everything we can to safeguard that.

What are the areas of technology that you see as being the most impactful to the business world in the next 5 years?: Security for sure and for us looking at other industries. I particularly look at the hospitality sector to see how we can incorporate what they do well into healthcare to make our patient’s experiences top notch.

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