Ecosystem Roadmap

A clear and powerful technology transformation roadmap will show you how to integrate and capitalize on proven technologies across your entire enterprise. With the rise of cloud and IOT, companies across every industry – finance, healthcare, retail, manufacturing – have a renewed focus on technology. Technology and technology budgets were once viewed as a necessary evil; They are now viewed as one of the greatest opportunities to enhance profitability, your brand, your client experience, and more.

Now The Bad News

Wait a minute… bad news?  Yes, unfortunately there is some bad news.  Auditmacs has seen many national and global companies lose over 100% of their investment in “technology transformation” because they weren’t informed enough on the actual numbers, liabilities, and complexities.  Many are also understaffed or lacking in specific expertise to accomplish a successful transition.  Too often, Auditmacs is brought in to fix a bad transition after the damage is already done.  Typically we see scenarios including:

  • Client didn’t know what they didn’t know
  • Vendor didn’t disclose full transition costs
  • Internal justification documentation was flawed
  • Timeframes were unrealistic
  • Level of integration and API options were overstated
  • Financial analysis was flawed or missing key elements
  • Amount of client involvement was understated

Avoid the bad news.  Strategize with Auditmacs early and often.

Ready to Transform?

Ready to transform your tech ecosystem or maybe just sanity check your ideas?  Either way, Auditmacs can help.  Schedule a meet and greet today.


What Clients Are Saying

Super Service

This kind of service is exactly why we hired them….Their team is a shining example of “earning our business everyday!
National Engineering and Design Firm

Skilled Team

I’m always very impressed at the level of excellent interpersonal skill by your team. They go above and beyond to assist me with my corporate devices. I am not a computer savvy person, however the team is very patient and more importantly, they put my concerns at ease.
Regional Hospital

Time Saver

I would recommend Auditmacs. They will save you time. And more importantly they'll reduce your OPEX.
CIO, National Corporation
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