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Hopper Combines Customer Service and Get-It-Done Mojo

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Hopper Combines Customer Service and Get-It-Done Mojo

Hopper Combines Customer Service and Get-It-Done Mojo

David Hopper started Auditmacs.com knowing that a company’s telecommunications service usually holds a sort of magic key to cost savings. Hopper also knew that most businesses lack the time, skill or motivation to dig through the complex web of technicalities involved to find those savings.

“They call us a profit center,” he said. “If they spend about $100,000 with us, they get four times that back. A lot of it is due to a lack of automation, lack of knowledge and market intelligence. It’s just a very, very complex and specialized industry with a ton of waste, and that’s the universally accepted norm.”

Evidently, more companies are learning what Hopper knew a long time ago. Auditmacs, started 10 years ago in Hopper’s apartment, has grown to 40 employees and $3 million in annual revenue. Hopper projects revenue to reach $5 million next year and $7 million in 2015. He also expects the company to add 20 employees over the next two years.

Expansion of the Auditmacs client base will continue as well, with strong moves planned into the Miami; Atlanta; Louisville, Ky.; and Nashville, Tenn., markets.

“He’s a jump-in-and-fight-with-you kind of person,” Mason said. “If I’m behind the eight ball on anything, he will jump in and make phone calls or pull records — anything to make sure the client is happy and things get done.”


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