IT Asset Management

Most enterprises struggle to manage their vast array of IT assets—it’s expensive and time consuming  to acquire, configure, maintain, update, deploy and track everything. We have the solution. Auditmacs asset management services help you locate, scan, record, inventory and track your IT equipment, enterprise-wide, and in real-time. Our team accounts for every single one of your assets in our proprietary, specialized IT Service Management software, giving you full visibility and control over your inventory. This portal is customized to your organization, and allows requests for new equipment and repairs while also providing visibility into ongoing changes and transfers between locations.


Procuring the right technology sets the stage for an efficient use of that technology through it’s full lifecycle, which translates to higher productivity, more cost effectiveness, and less down time. We provide our clients with an array of IT device acquisition options customized to your organization’s unique needs.


Auditmacs Imaging and Kitting Service includes procurement, imaging, kitting, shipping and inventory services. We work with your team to determine the best device and then help you create an image that meets the needs of your staff. We then order the devices and get them imaged and prepped for shipment to your employees. This includes custom kitting with full-color instructions in the box. Then we ship everything to your users and track them using our cloud-based real-time inventory software and give you visibility into the entire process. We can even install and manage your MDM software.


Auditmacs provides large-scale device deployment services, with the guarantee that the project will be delivered on time and on budget. Our proven processes maximize your visibility from start to finish, minimize risk, reduce delays and maintain tight control of costs. We ensure that device configurations are done properly, and that all the logistics associated with your deployment are handled flawlessly.


It can be extremely challenging for enterprises to configure and maintain effective management over all of the mobile devices used across the organization. We have performed mobile device management services for years, with an expert team trained in all major MDM software services, and can configure and manage SOTI, AirWatch, MaaS360 and more, as well as provide both Tier 1 and Tier 2 MDM services.


Asset recovery, repair and recycling: What once was lost, now is found. You’ve replaced those older models with new devices, but what do you do with the outdated assets? They’re not completely worthless, they’re just no longer very useful for your purposes… but storing it all takes up space, and once you have a lot of it, e-recycling is expensive…

When you engage Auditmacs’ IT Asset Disposition program, we come and pick up all of your unused and old assets—whether they are functioning or not—at no charge. We follow extremely strict data security protocol to safeguard and then wipe any and all data on the device, fixing those devices that may have some more life left in them and retiring those that have lived their best lives. As certified R2 recyclers—the gold standard for electronics recycling—we “downstream” devices that are no longer usable, while repaired devices are put up for sale via third party marketplaces like eBay. We handle everything from product listings and monitoring to packing and shipping of resale devices, in many cases providing clients with hundreds of thousands of dollars in discovered revenue.

R2 Certified Facility 

Our Mobile Logistics Center is a R2 certified facility. The standard is described as “Responsible Recycling (“R2”) and Auditmacs’ main goal is to repurpose devices when possible, which is the greenest form of recycling. This certification ensures end-of-life electronic equipment is properly recycled to confirm all data is destroyed and parts do not end up in landfills or third world countries.


What Clients Are Saying

“Working with multiple vendors, in multiple locations, for multiple services is not an easy task. With Auditmacs’ assistance the best options are presented based on current or future network needs, and projects are completed more swiftly, ensuring we are better prepared for tomorrow.”
Enterprise Infrastructure Architect
Global Marketing Company
“Having Auditmacs monitor our circuits allows us to identify problematic networks, resolve issues more quickly, and create tickets with carriers when needed. Contract monitoring allows for adjustments to be made if better options become available or if legacy contracts can be replaced, saving thousands each year.”
Enterprise Infrastructure Architect
Global Marketing Company
“Communicating with the Auditmacs team has been swift and direct, customer-focused, and mission driven. From beginning to end no matter the project, need or process.``
Enterprise Infrastructure Architect
Global Marketing Company

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