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Why Outsource Telecom Expense Management?

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Why Outsource Telecom Expense Management?

Why Outsource Telecom Expense Management

More and more businesses are outsourcing their Telecom Expense Management programs today due in large part to the speed at which technology moves as well as the risk and complexity that comes along with the many different types of telecom environments.


Some companies choose to outsource the complete Communications Lifecycle, while others decide to keep portions in-house while outsourcing others.  No matter what portion of the process your business chooses to outsource, along with it comes several benefits:


– Save on staff and training

One immediate advantage of outsourcing a TEM program is the savings on staff.  “Telecom” is a very specific skillset, and certifying and training an employee in this arena can be exceptionally costly.  Due to the cost, there is a very competitive market for these types of employees, and they are often poached by other companies, leaving your business to start from scratch with someone new.  If there is not a true business case for an internal dedicated TEM resource, outsourcing it allows current staff to concentrate on areas where they are more knowledgeable and can easily increase revenue..


-Better expertise

Most organizations are not experts in telecom.  In addition to saving on training, by outsourcing your TEM program, you are guaranteed the most up to date knowledge in an ever changing environment.  This ensures you are receiving the best advice, and have a full-time advocate who can even help with contract negotiations, making sure to secure the best possible rates for your company.


-Faster savings

Along with assisting in contract negotiations, thanks to an in-depth knowledge of carriers and their billing and ticketing processes, a TEM company is able to push through resolutions more swiftly.  A TEM company also knows what types of billing errors are likely with individual carriers, and can immediately open disputes for these, using a precedent of previous resolutions to quickly resolve them.


Is it time for your business to make the move?  We would love to partner with your company to put together a carefully crafted plan that best fits your needs for Telecom Expense Management, as well as any other needs in the Communications arena.




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