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Archiving Text Messages on Mobile Devices

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Archiving Text Messages on Mobile Devices

Archiving Text Messages on Mobile DevicesToday, many businesses give their employees a mobility device as a perk. While this is not a personal device, many employees still use it for personal things like calls and text messages. Many calling plans today include unlimited calling and texting, so financially, it probably won’t affect the bottom line, as there will not be overages charged for this type of use. However, today, a lot of business is conducted via text message.

Government entities are beginning to track and archive text messages on employee phones, whether they are BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or owned by the entity. In many cases, text messages on these devices are being considered public record, especially in states with very strong open government statutes. Some organizations outside the government sector are beginning to archive their texts as well, and they are putting policies in place around keeping these records.

Why would it make sense to keep these records? If the texts are archived in a searchable format, then it is far more difficult to tamper with or destroy them. Additionally, if there is a time when your business is called on the carpet for something, you will be able to produce these pieces of evidence quickly. Most carriers do not keep track of or retain texts, and they are not necessarily obliged to do so.

There are many options out there which have the capability to archive your texts alongside your other electronic communications. Reach out to us to help you find the best solution for your business.

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