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Auditmacs Boosts Returns By Trimming Waste On Telecom Expenses

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Auditmacs Boosts Returns By Trimming Waste On Telecom Expenses

Auditmacs boosts returns by trimming waste on telecom expensesAuditmacs.com; Rev. Growth: 47.12%; David Hopper

Auditmacs.com is expanding its product offering and its workforce locally by providing a niche service that saves clients money on telecom expenses by correcting billing errors, optimizing services and improving efficiencies for landline and mobile phones. The company earned $1.7 million in revenue for 2011 and had a 47.12 percent average annual revenue growth from 2009 to 2011.

“We have a good amount of traction locally because of working with Jacksonville’s largest companies,” said David Hopper, founder and CEO. “Most people don’t think in terms of these costs. We average about 400 percent [return on investment]. There’s a ton of waste in telecom. We form a partnership with our clients and truly become an extension of their organization. With a down economy, companies are more excited about companies that bring a return. We guarantee that we’ll pay for ourselves.”

Hopper, who began the consulting company in 2003 in a home office, now works in the Gate Riverplace Tower with his staff of about 25 employees.

“We’ve hired the best talent in Jacksonville that specializes in what we do. That’s allowed us to deliver a lot more value for our clients. The expansion is a big deal and our culture is ‘continual improvement,’ ” he said.

Although Jacksonville is its primary market, Auditmacs has expanded into six metro markets including cities in South Florida, Atlanta, Nashville and Louisville, Ky. About 80 percent of its business is monthly services and 20 percent is consulting projects.

“What’s really taken off is the wireless part of our business,” said Jennifer Mason, director of strategic engagement. “Everything is done in our office Downtown and the past three years have been significant in growth. We attribute it to people finding out about our business and the tremendous need, especially with the economy being bad.”

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