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Auditmacs Sees Growth Spurt In Services and Space

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Auditmacs Sees Growth Spurt In Services and Space

Auditmacs sees growth spurt in services and space

When Auditmacs founder and CEO -David Hopper – said in March that his company was about to hit a growth spurt, he wasn’t kidding.

The company is expanding the 5,000 square-foot office space it moved into in March by 2,500 square feet. Auditmacs has already hired five people this year, bringing its to total employees to 25, and expects to hire five more by the end of the year.

Hopper said he expects to end the year with more than $2 million in revenue and is forecasting revenue for next year to hit between $2.9 million and $3.3 million.

“Our pipeline is full for the rest of the year,” Hopper said.

The company’s bread and butter business is telecommunications auditing: helping clients save money by correcting billing errors, optimizing services and improving efficiencies for landline and mobile phones. Auditmacs also operates a wireless help desk and offers consulting. Changes are happening on the telecom side as more data goes to cloud platforms, which can blur the line between telecom and Information Technology.

“Everything’s going fast and furious to the cloud,” Hopper said.

Auditmacs is doing more work on the front end that it used to with devices, which brings up corporate policy questions regarding IT security.

“What do I own [as the employee] and what does the company own,” Hopper asked rhetorically. “There’s not a lot of easy answers right now.”

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