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Optimize Your Finances with Auditmacs Audit Services

Brace for Impact During Recession Times: Take Control of Your Finances

In challenging economic times, businesses must be proactive in managing their expenses. Are your Q4 spending habits out of control? It's time to cut costs strategically while ensuring your employees stay on staff. Auditmacs' Audit Services can help you analyze your expenses, identify inefficiencies, and implement cost-cutting measures without compromising your workforce.


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Cost Optimization

Receive strategic cost-saving recommendations and actionable insights for optimal resource allocation.


Efficient Implementation

Auditmacs acts on cost-saving intelligence, handling invoice corrections, vendor disputes, and automating service modifications for seamless implementation.

Guaranteed Savings

Benefit from tracking tools that ensure potential savings opportunities translate into actual dollars saved, with vigilant year-over-year savings monitoring.


Holistic Value Maximization

Evaluate telecom spending and service utilization comprehensively to confirm recognized value from your investment, maximizing the benefits.


Dedicated Support

Rely on our cost management consultants who audit your assets, analyze overspending using market price indexes, manage RFPs, and negotiate contracts on your behalf.

Why Choose Auditmacs?

  • Supercharge Business Growth: Stay ahead of the competition and seize new opportunities with our portal’s accelerated operations.
  • Streamline Efficiency: Bid farewell to wasted time and resources as our portal optimizes processes for your core business goals.
  • Unlock Unprecedented Savings: Our client-centric approach and cutting-edge technology empower you to slash expenses, potentially saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Reset IT Expense Run Rate and Expand Your Network Effectively

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We specialize in resetting your IT expense run rate and reducing it effectively. Let us help you expand your network while optimizing your IT expenses. Our experts will assess your current IT infrastructure, streamline operations, and implement cost-effective solutions tailored to your business needs.

Regular IT Audits: Your Shield Against Inflation and Increased Costs

Inflation and rising costs demand vigilance. That’s why routine IT audits are critical now more than ever before. Our team recommends regular audits to monitor your expenses, pinpoint potential overspending, and implement corrective actions promptly. With routine IT audits, you can navigate financial uncertainties confidently, secure in the knowledge that your expenses are optimized for stability and efficiency.

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Why Choose Auditmacs for Your IT Audits?

Detail-Oriented Approach

We pay attention to the minutest details, ensuring nothing escapes our scrutiny.

Transparent Processes

Our audit process is transparent, empowering you with insights into your expenses and enabling informed decision-making.

Experienced Professionals

Our team comprises seasoned professionals who understand the complexities of IT expenses and audits.

Customized Solutions

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our audits are tailored to your business, addressing your unique challenges and goals.

Ready for a New TEM Provider? Choose Auditmacs, Your Partner for Comprehensive Audits and More.

Are you searching for a TEM provider who goes beyond invoicing? Look no further. Auditmacs is your trusted partner in financial optimization. Our comprehensive solutions are tailored to optimize your financial resources and ensure efficient operations. We not only monitor your expenses every month but also offer comprehensive IT audits that ensure you stay ahead of the curve, even in turbulent economic times.

Tailored Solutions for All Business Sizes

Every business matters, and we provide customized solutions to fit your unique needs. Whether you’re a small local enterprise or a sprawling multi-national operation, our flexible offerings cover wireline, wireless, and cloud services.

ITAM Asset Management Services

  1. Procurement
  2. Imaging / Configuration
      1. Inhouse image creation, storage, and deployment
  3. Deployments / Projects
      1. Large scale device deployments and/or refreshes
      2. Kitting
  4. Support
    Tier 3 Depot Services
      1. Break/Fix
      2. Onboards
      3. Offboards
  5. Asset Management
    1. Inventory Control
    a)Track assets by user/location/cost center in ITSM

    2. Device Recertification/Testing
    3.Warranty tracking and/or facilitation

  6. MDM / EMM
      1. Certified administrators on staff trained on all platforms
      2. Complete management of environment or consultative support available  
  7. Asset Disposition (R2)

Let's Optimize Your Expenses

Take the first step towards financial stability and efficiency. Contact Auditmacs today for a consultation. Let's optimize your expenses and navigate the challenges together.

What Clients Are Saying

Super service

This kind of service is exactly why we hired them… Their team is a shining example of “earning our business” everyday.


National Engineering and Design Firm

Skilled Team

I’m always very impressed at the level of excellent interpersonal skills by your team. They go above and beyond to assist me with my corporate devices. I am not a computer savvy person, however the team is very patient and more importantly, they put my concerns at ease.


Regional Hospital

Amazing Partnership

The partnership with Auditmacs is extremely important to
us because they provide services that are not core to our us,
specifically in the areas of IT, Mobility, and Telecom

Gary Chartrand

Chairman of Acosta

Cost Savings

We saved over $500K in wireline services and over $100k in wireless services during this process. Auditmacs really came through on their promise of delivering a cost savings and handling all of our communications billing.

Senior Telecom Manager

Regional Credit Union