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BJ50 38: Auditmacs Helps Smartphone Users Reach Fullest Poential

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BJ50 38: Auditmacs Helps Smartphone Users Reach Fullest Poential

Auditmacs Helps Smartphone Users Reach Fullest PoentialAs more and more people rely on smartphones and other devices to do business, the telecommunication management company Auditmacs increased its capabilities, which in turn has led to growth.

“Pretty much everyone has a device they use for work, and there’s something we can do for everyone,” said Jennifer Mason, Auditmacs’ director of strategic engagement. “There is usually a conversation we can have with anyone with regards to mobility deployment and management. We come in and help them get a grasp of everything.”

For example, in the past year Auditmacs opened a mobility operations center, so its clients can call customer support for anything from issues with corporate e-mail accounts to setting up a device without calling the carrier.

In addition, Auditmacs started a mobility deployment operation, where its staff can upload company software and other settings on new devices and then ship those devices out to a business’s employees. Right now, they are in the middle of deploying 3,000 devices, Mason said.

“That’s what Auditmacs does,” said Auditmacs’ CEO and founder, David Hopper.

“We have a huge focus on eliminating waste and increasing efficiency and optimization. More and more companies are coming to us asking us to eliminate the waste in their communications infrastructure. As people have been able to manage their businesses from their smartphones, we are helping them manage that.”

Auditmacs experienced a 41.92 percent average annual revenue growth from 2010 to 2012.

In addition, Auditmacs doubled its number of employees to 40 and expanded outside of Jacksonville this year into South Florida, Kentucky and Atlanta.

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