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Data And System Security In The Digital Age

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Data And System Security In The Digital Age

Computer icon Dell recently published a survey they performed with their business customers regarding digital security. The results echo a common theme in our current age, companies working to defend against the ever-growing threat of digital security. While larger cases of credit cards being stolen (e.g. Home Depot 2014Target 2013), most businesses are concerned about smaller data breaches, hacks, and web security.

According to a recent study, a common narrative is that all offices are becoming more mobile, but the truth is somewhat more complicated. It turns out that about 82 percent of decision makers have attempted to limit data access points to enhance security and only 18 percent are totally confident that their data is secure when employees access it remotely. In addition, 72 percent of decision makers believe that knowing where data is accessed will make their data-protection measures more effective.

Digital Data Security is a Multi-Faceted Issue

With such an emphasis placed on security, it is curious why so many businesses find themselves unprepared. The answer often lies in either a lack of resources or not understanding how to approach the subject. Internal server security, employee security concerning data, credit card compliance, and website security are each different issues to create a plan for and the task can often be daunting.

Some employers have taken drastic steps to maintain digital security. From preventing employees from using personal devices while in the office to constantly monitoring data flowing in and out from workstations, it’s no wonder many team members feel trapped in within their IT infrastructure. However such restrictive measures are rarely ever the right answer, especially when the right procedures and software can lessen threats while keeping employees happy.

The Auditmacs team specializes in this type of work. Our solutions are tailored toward keeping your data secure, especially where remote team members, devices, and multiple software systems are in play. Regardless of your approach so far, we encourage you to contact an Auditmacs professional for a consultation. You may find a more robust, cost-effective measure which your team will love.

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