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Does Bluetooth Security Meet Corporate Standards?

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Does Bluetooth Security Meet Corporate Standards?

The use of Bluetooth technology has grown exponentially in recent years as the Internet of Things has continued to expand. Most consumers don’t give security a second thought when pairing their new headphones and devices to their laptops or phones. What works well for the general public often doesn’t make the grade in the corporate world. Luckily Bluetooth has stepped up their technology and security, getting closer to a viable corporate solution.

Bluetooth 5, the latest version of the software, was released in late 2016 and offered enhanced security along with increases in range and speed. Range has increased up to 400 meters with a twofold increase in the speed of data transmission. This, combined with an 800% increase in bandwidth, makes Bluetooth a great contender replacing Wi-Fi in some cases. However, though enhanced security is available with the new Bluetooth, it is not required and must be set up separately. User authentication is still absent and only device authentication exists. This enables hackers to still peel away vital corporate data but at nearly twice the speed as before.

Luckily, there are several actions network administrators can take to increase the security of company Bluetooth networks. First off, a clear mobile strategy needs to be at the center of any security plan. Administrators will need to research the devices themselves, singling out ones which either block or limit Bluetooth access. The second and arguably most critical part of the plan will be how corporate users interact with the Bluetooth network. Polices need to be established with list approved Bluetooth devices along with the type of information allowed to be transferred over Bluetooth. Users should also be required to turn off their Bluetooth connection whenever not in use to prevent Denial of Service attacks. A strong PIN/passkey policy will also go a long way toward enhanced security.

To learn more about the adopted specifications of Bluetooth 5, click here. If you have questions about Bluetooth security and would like a second opinion for setting up your network, feel free to contact Auditmacs at 800.618.2575.

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