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Dumb Phone Options For The Internet Weary

Dumb Phone Options For The Internet Weary

Remember when phones made and received calls and that was it? Once they connected to the Internet the capabilities of a phone skyrocketed and texting was added. For most of us, this was a fantastic revolution as we love our smart device. Yet to many, this is an endless stream of distractions, frustrations, and comes with a fear of identity theft, hacking, and more.

If you’re in the minority on this one take heart, there are still plenty of fantastic “dumb phone” options available to you. Today’s “dumb phones” are sleek and stylish and often fulfill many of our favorite smart phone options. Take for instance the Nokia 515. From the back, this little device resembles a scaled-down iPhone, complete with a 5-megapixel camera. From the front, it looks like an early version of the Motorola Razr phones with a complete keypad and beautiful screen. With an impressive 33-day battery life and a price tag around $100, you won’t even miss your smart phone should you make the switch.

If you’re looking for something even more low-tech, consider the MP 01 from Punkt. This slate grey phone resembles a basic calculator with a larger screen. It can make and receive calls and texts, has a built-in calendar, and can store 3000 contacts. The MP 01 can even sync with your smartphone if you’re not yet ready to give it up.

A final option for those not quite ready to leave their smart phone behind is the Light Phone, a sleek white rectangle with light-up keypad. Dubbed as “your phone away from phone” the Light Phone can only make calls when paired with your smart phone. About the size of a credit card, Light Phone was designed to be used as little as possible and is the ultimate nod to minimalism.

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