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Enterprise Connect 2017

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Enterprise Connect 2017

Enterprise Connect 2017

Last week, several of our team attended the 2017 Enterprise Connect Conference and Expo in Orlando. Each year, Enterprise Connect brings together the best of everything related to communications and collaboration. Each year, we have our own booth, but we also attend many of the sessions and have the opportunity to learn about the latest and greatest technology so we can bring back this information to you, our clients. There are so many new technologies becoming available each and every day, and with everything moving so quickly, it can be difficult to keep up and easy to become overwhelmed. We are here to work through everything for you!

Below is a review of some key items we saw this year. If you have questions about any of it or think it might be for you, let us know, and we can help you decide.

Amazon has stepped into the already crowded collaboration space with their Chime product. With this, users can use voice calls, chat, online meetings, and video conferencing from one app, which will work across numerous devices. You can move seamlessly between devices anytime during a meeting, which is a helpful feature in a world where you often have to hang up and dial back in if the meeting runs over and you need to be mobile. Right now, it only appears to have space for up to 100 users, so it may not be the best choice for large enterprise meetings. However, they are just starting out in the enterprise space, and are known for being a disruptor, so it is easily feasible for them to easily grow into this space. At the same time, hopefully, they will push the rest of the industry into making purchasing and deployment of these types of solutions far less complex.

Twilio was another interesting keynote company who presented. They have been around for awhile, and it seems like they keep growing quickly. Twilio’s API’s are extremely customizable, allowing it to integrate with many current systems a company may have already deployed to do anything from tracking sales to programmable communications.

Another big player who presented was Cisco, who showed off their product “Spark”: their way to play in the collaboration cloud space. One of the most innovative things Spark allows is live whiteboarding. The Spark system is touted as being very secure and reliable.

Overall, it was a very productive week for us. It is clear that there is a ton of competition in the collaboration space. The best pick in this space will be the one who creates a genuinely customer focused product, creating a great team and user experience across any type of device and/or operating system. One which enables users to complete tasks in a natural and effortless manner.

While we all learned a ton, as always, our favorite thing about these events is getting to see our clients out there and helping them navigate the world of communications.

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