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Facebook Enters the Enterprise Collaboration Space

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Facebook Enters the Enterprise Collaboration Space

Facebook Enters the Enterprise Collaboration SpaceFacebook is known for being a behemoth in the social space, but did you know they have made forays into the enterprise space as well?  They have been piloting enterprise collaboration tools for a little over two years, but are now really starting to make waves with Workplace.

They officially launched in October of last year and have a few big name companies such as Starbucks and Viacom on board using their products.  Their portfolio is growing quickly, and so is their product with many partnerships already launching or in the works.

With collaboration tools, security is always a top concern, and Facebook has gone to great lengths to get this covered with partnerships and integrations for eDiscovery, data loss, and compliance to give enterprises the tools they need to manage security and access control.

Its Facebook Live feature has also been revamped to include capabilities for enterprise-level collaboration for broadcasting weekly meetings, streaming live Q&As, or even for virtual training classes.

Is Facebook Workplace right for you?  If you have questions and want to look at changing over, we can help you make sure this is the best tool for your business – give us a call!

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