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Is CYOD A Better Device Provisioning Model Than Byod?

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Is CYOD A Better Device Provisioning Model Than Byod?

Is CYOD A Better Device Provisioning Model Than ByodData security has long been the battle cry for enterprise IT departments, and well, it should be. So whether CYOD (choose your own device) or BYOD (bring your own device) is the better approach for device provisioning, depends upon how current you organization has stayed in setting technology policies and enforcing compliance. If you limit employees to only using email on their mobile devices, then it may be time to explore what the benefits would be once mobility is utilized to its fullest potential in the workplace.

At first glance, it would seem that choosing between CYOD or BYOD would just be a matter of personal preference or the money saved on purchasing mobile devices. But, along with the rapid advances in communications technology comes a heightened threat level. This is especially true for businesses with a large mobile workforce that needs access to proprietary software and sensitive corporate data. On the other hand, most employees do feel that they are much more productive when they are allowed to use their own smartphone, laptop or tablet. In fact, employees in many companies are already bringing personal devices to work and are also using them to work from home.

CYOD is really an alternative to the corporate-owned and personally-enabled approach. The devices are purchased by the organization and employees are allowed to use them both on and off the job. Since the employee does not have administrative privileges, IT controls which software installations are allowed and how security issues are managed (in house). In most CYOD models, employees are still allowed to use their chosen mobile devices away from work but corporate maintains ownership of the device and all proprietary software as well as the organization’s data.

Auditmacs acts an extension of your staff to help you define your CYOD or BYOD policies and provides a mobility operations center for communications lifecycle management. This ensures every mobile device is properly encrypted, and all personal and corporate data are kept separate. That way, when the need arises, corporate software and data can be remotely accessed and wiped without impacting the employee’s personal information.

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