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“Tech Talk USA” with Morey Haber from BeyondTrust

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“Tech Talk USA” with Morey Haber from BeyondTrust

Each week on “Tech Talk USA,” our host Kirk Brown sits down with experts in the information technology world. This week, Kirk sat down to talk to Morey Haber from BeyondTrust.

BeyondTrust is the worldwide leader in Privileged Access Management, offering the most seamless approach to preventing data breaches related to stolen credentials, misused privileges, and compromised remote access.

To learn more, visit https://www.beyondtrust.com.

What is your competitive differentiator?: BeyondTrust’s extensible platform empowers organizations to easily scale privilege security as threats evolve across endpoint, server, cloud, DevOps, and network device environments. BeyondTrust unifies the industry’s broadest set of privileged access capabilities with centralized management, reporting, and analytics, enabling leaders to take decisive and informed actions to defeat attackers.

How did you get started in Technology?: As a reliability and maintainability engineer tracking defects in electronics. I had to build a custom database to track the flaws and report on the findings.

What do you consider to be biggest challenge when bridging the gap between IT and the overall business for most companies?: Communications. Teams need to speak and learn the proper communications to translate technology risk into business risk.

What is the best or most worthwhile technology investment that you have made in the past 10 years?: In myself. Self growth in the most important investment anyone can make it.

What are the areas of technology that you see as being the most impactful to the business world in the next 5 years?: The ability to work anywhere at anytime to complete the mission your job requires without the confines of a typical office building.
Brief description of what would you like to discuss on the show: Cyber security, trends, and how education and tools can safe guard home, businesses, and governments.

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