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New Lifx Bulb Can Help With The Office Security

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New Lifx Bulb Can Help With The Office Security

New Lifx Bulb Can Help With The Office SecurityCyber attacks are not the only threats modern companies are facing. Good old fashioned real world theft is still a common occurrence, one which can halt business production for several days or more, depending on what is stolen. This is why many offices are now using security cameras which are especially helpful at night. However, leaving the lights on all night isn’t always possible and seeing intruders in the dark can test the limits of many night-vision cameras.

Enter the Lifx Plus, the latest in a line of smart bulbs from Australian inventor Phil Bosua. The color-changing, Wi-Fi-enabled LED was first introduced on Kickstarter and has really taken off. The latest iteration includes a feature which floods an area with infrared light. The difference is “night and day” when viewing a room through a night-vision security camera. Areas which were previously darker and hard to see are now lit up very well. The best part is that criminals caught with the help of the Lifx Plus will have no idea they were clearly visible in stunning infrared.

This newest feature is what makes the bulbs a likely addition to server closets and offices alike. While many homes don’t use night vision technology, many businesses do. The bulbs will run about $80 each but just a few of these can make a big difference between catching a crook and wondering who broke into your office.

The downside of the bulbs is that the infrared diodes are always drawing power, costing you a few extra dollars in energy over the course of a year. However the bulbs are still bright and efficient, featuring an integrated and easy-to-use app, allowing you to change everything from the brightness of the bulb to the color.

While we’re not officially endorsing the Lifx Plus, we definitely think it is worth looking into if you are concerned with real-world business security.

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