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“Tech Talk USA” with Ron Sharon from Mercer Advisors

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“Tech Talk USA” with Ron Sharon from Mercer Advisors

Each week on “Tech Talk USA,” our host Kirk Brown sits down with experts in the information technology world. This week, Kirk sat down to talk to Ron Sharon from Mercer Advisors.

Mercer Advisors is a total wealth management firm that provides financial planning and investment management services.

To learn more, visit https://www.merceradvisors.com.

What is your competitive differentiator?: Personal service to our clients

How did you get started in the technology field?: Braking and fixing electronics when I was a little kid

What do you consider to be the biggest challenge when bridging the gap between IT and the overall business for most companies?: Understanding the value and the work needed for a good tech stack

What are the areas of technology that you see as being the most impactful to the business world in the next 5 years?: Blockchain

Brief description of what would you like to discuss on the show: CyberSecurity

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