Technology Expense Management

Auditmacs partners with your team to help you move faster, work smarter, and have full visibility into all of your services.  Through our team of experts, decades of experience, and investment in world-class technology, we enable our clients to save hundreds of thousands of dollars on their monthly spend and provide them with the tools to scale their business fast.  Our approach to technology management addresses the entire lifecycle to make your life easier, and your organization ready for what’s next.  


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The telecommunications industry has continuously been plagued by the complicated billing platforms of its’ providers. Furthermore, multiple mergers, divestitures, new technologies, etc. have made it even more increasingly difficult for companies to manage carrier billing to ensure it is optimized and correct. We streamline the billing audit process with our comprehensive Audit Service to provide complete vendor management lifecycle. We review and treat our clients’ invoices as if they were our own with personalized service.
Our audit services provide contract reconciliation, rate analysis, management and cataloging along with service optimization, identification of duplicate services, unused facilities and other billing errors and anomalies. Our services also provide regular wireless plan optimization analysis and identification of zero-use devices. We also audit to our clients’ business rules to ensure full optimization tailored to their needs. We assist our clients by offering customized internal policies for increased efficiency, visibility and control of their processes. Not only do we identify all these issues, we will dispute and follow-through with the vendors to recover overpayments and correct billing until they are appropriately applied to the invoice while also presenting, to our clients, detailed reporting documentation of each savings item identified to the specific cost center/GL.

We have put millions of dollars back into the pockets of our clients, improving the ROI of their telecom departments allowing them to re-allocate resources and budget the recovered funds and savings to other areas of priority.


Most of the companies that we work with are contracted with literally hundreds of carriers. They are operating dozens of locations across the country, which bring with them a host of bills, plus different support processes, contracts, and invoices for each. Managing and allocating those costs across a large company takes a lot of time and expense.

Our engagement helps them to simplify that ecosystem—it improves their understanding and visibility into those costs and services, enables them to shore up waste and ensure that they’re being billed at fair market rates, and hopefully get them some money back in the process.


Wireless expense management (and really expense management in general) boil down to three simple factors: time, money, and resources. Auditmacs takes on the time needed by financial or IT personnel to properly analyze bills, verify which services are being used properly in the field and which are active. We reduce the significant amount of over-spending on market rates, billing errors and unnecessary devices and/or services, and optimize the dedication of valuable resources in the process.


Auditmacs’ Smart Pay” technology invoice payment optimization solution is the final step that closes the loop in the Technology Expense Management process. It allows Auditmacs to provide full end-to-end A/P support to reduce late payments, late fees, over-payments, duplicate and missing invoices. Auditmacs will ensure that payments are accurate and on-time with correct cost center and GL chargeback allocations. We understand the importance of having these payments applied to the correct budget GL/cost center buckets. This process also allows us to streamline and quickly resolve late/disconnect notices and collection calls from the vendors. The additional visibility enables Auditmacs to quickly research and resolve vendor misapplied and/or missing payments without the extra labor and research required from your A/P department to provide proof of payment or making payment arrangements. In addition, it frees up internal resources previously exhausted to the responsibilities listed above.


Technology Expense Management


It’s challenging to break down and keep
track of all the financial requirements
associated with telecom expenses, and
very difficult to stay current on rapidly
changing technology and vendor landscapes.


Limited resources make it difficult
to allocate and process large numbers
of invoices.


A lack of visibility into all the services
being provided (or not) across multiple
locations makes managing those
services nearly impossible.


Telecom costs are out of control.
According to Gatner, “Often
Enterprises will overspend by
more than 30% on fixed, wireless,
and cloud deployments due to lack
of oversight and optimization.”

What Clients Are Saying

Painless Process

The Auditmacs integration process was painless and we were able to quickly migrate from another TEM provider. They've recently started managing our iMAC(d) process for us. I would recommend Auditmacs.
Director, Global Forest Products Company

Super Service

Auditmacs helped our organization with thought leadership around lifecycle management. We also utilize their managed services for TEMs, mobility support, and service desk. Their customer response excellence has even been spotlighted within our executive committee.
CIO, National Healthcare Provider

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