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Technology Resale, Re-purposing, and Recycling

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Technology Resale, Re-purposing, and Recycling

Technology Resale, Repurposing, and RecyclingTechnology seems to be advancing at a faster pace than ever before. In the business world, this means balancing internal software systems with an employee’s desire to use the newest equipment. Hardware seems to become outdated quickly and the expenses can seem insurmountable.

Choosing how to manage the removal and repurposing of outdated equipment is often an overlooked IT function. We’ve all heard the stories of businesses selling old fax machines on eBay only to find out that sensitive credit card data was stored internally, causing severe issues for their customers. There are plenty of services, which will remove old technology, but knowing what happens to your devices is just as important as the cost associated with the service.

Professional asset resale and repurposing makes removing old technology fast, convenient, and safe. Having a strategy in place can reduce your companies “e-waste,” or the environmental footprint left by end-of-life hardware turnover. Auditmacs securely refurbishes and repurposes your equipment, ensuring no trace to your company remains on the device. Sensitive data is removed and each device is thoroughly checked before being resold to another user.

Technology repurposing can also be a revenue center, helping to offset the cost of new equipment. There have been instances where the resale of old devices has been used as leverage toward deeper bulk discounts on new equipment. You will be given a report at the end of the process outlining the status of each piece of equipment. Whether it was recycled, resold, or destroyed, your IT department will have a complete record. This is extremely helpful for P&L statements as well as year-end taxes.

Auditmacs has experts on staff that specializes in mobility and telecom asset repurposing. Our clients have saved countless hours, dollars, and terabytes by trusting in our expertise. Contact our office today for a thorough review and discussion of how your end-of-life equipment should be managed.

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