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Top 4 Reasons to Move to SD-WAN

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Top 4 Reasons to Move to SD-WAN

Today’s network technology is moving and changing rapidly.  One of the more recent technologies on the scene is Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN).  This new technology uses software and virtual network overlays to make WAN’s easier to design and administer while addressing challenges with new cloud technology and IoT.


Here are the top four reasons moving to an SD-WAN may be beneficial for your company.


  1. Simplified Deployments

After an initial setup and deployment, adding locations and equipment can be as simple as scanning the bar code on the new equipment into your system.  The configurations are completed, in many cases, automatically


  1. Simplified and Centralized Management

In most current environments, a WAN system requires that all hardware be individually configured.  With SD-WAN, it is possible to manage multiple types of connections (MPLS, broadband, etc.) using a single interface.


  1. Optimization

Each portion of the network is “aware” of the other components on the same network.  This allows traffic to be rerouted as needed according to the current state of the network and its performance.  This includes the possibility of re-routing around a piece of equipment that may have gone down somewhere on the network.


  1. More Network – Same (or Lower) Cost

With the addition of so many cloud and real-time apps (such as live video, analytics, and other SaaS features) to help run businesses more efficiently, there comes a need to invest in greater bandwidth.  With SD-WAN it is possible to have considerably higher bandwidth, and in many cases lower the cost.  With the additional bandwidth, it also allows for fairly simple and predictable deployment to remote locations that complement the traditional MPLS services for these remote locations.  This also allows for additional savings due to time spent more efficiently by the IT staff with a much easier to manage network.


If you are ready to make the move, have more questions, or are wondering if this is right for your company, contact us.  We have several subject matter experts and will help make sure you get the right product at the best price!



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