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What is an MDM Solution?

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What is an MDM Solution?

What is an MDM Solution?

What is MDM and do you need it?

The workforce is becoming more remote and more mobile as technology is quickly advancing. Many people are doing much of their work from tablets and smartphones rather than the PC or laptop they were using a decade ago.  One thing missing from these devices that laptops and PC’s have is some type of antivirus or malware protection software.  Hackers have taken full advantage of this vulnerability and keep getting more creative in their attacks through things such as text message-based attacks.

So, how can you avoid a potentially devastating incident and keep your proprietary information safe?  While it is important to have a specific policy in place for acceptable use, enforcing this can be a difficult task. The best answer to help in this situation may be a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution.

Essentially, MDM solutions are software which controls and secures access to mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablets).  This is done through cloud-based software, so updates are easy to make.  Through this, IT can manage things such as

–    Passwords

–    Blacklists

–    Security policies

–    Remote disconnection of unauthorized devices (if an employee leaves the company for example)

–    Many other functions

There is a myriad of options available for MDM solutions.  We have experts in this area, with many of our team members being certified directly by the creators of some of these solutions.  We can help you choose the proper solution for your needs, write the policies for acceptable use, and deploy and maintain the solution.

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