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Who’s Responsible for Tracking Your Assets?

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Who’s Responsible for Tracking Your Assets?

Who's Responsible for Tracking Your Assets?Remember the day when nobody made a technology purchase without first consulting their IT Department? Those days may be gone forever. That was then and nowadays enterprises are having to manage a completely different business environment. Today, managing a company’s technology is no longer limited to IT, it’s spread across an enterprise’s desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones… and that’s just some of the hardware. A lot of an enterprise’s proprietary software, sensitive data and software provided as a service are also being toted about in employees’ briefcases.

Since consumerization has changed forever how technology (products and services) will enter the marketplace,  going forward, IT managers will have to accept the challenge of being quicker to identify and take advantage of industry trends. In addition to dealing with security and compliance issues, department managers will need to accurately account for enterprise assets that include:

  • Virtual Assets – Virtual assets include all of the services and software used by your employees over the course of their daily work (i.e. – Microsoft Office365).
  • Physical Assets – All of the devices used by individuals to access the company’s virtual assets as well as any item that can be assigned to an end-user and physically counted (i.e. – a mobile smartphone).

According to Gartner, a leading American business research and advisory firm, many IT vendors changed their marketing strategies at the turn of the new millennium when enterprise-level IT budgets began to shrink. Today, an effective communications management firm like Auditmacs is better equipped to manage enterprise assets by helping management teams with everything from auditing service contracts to help desk procurement. As a result, companies will have a better accounting of their assets and spending, as well as experience sizeable savings based on the usage of individual devices.

When you choose Auditmacs as your TEM partner, it will free-up your valuable resources and eliminate the stress and worries associated with communications lifecycle management. To learn more about our best practice-based combination of software, processes, methodologies, market intelligence, strategy and people, call us today at 800-618-2575.

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