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Facebook Enters the Enterprise Collaboration Space

May 4, 2017
Facebook is known for being a behemoth in the social space, but did you know they have made forays into the enterprise space as well?  They have been piloting enterprise collaboration tools for a little over two years, but are now really starting to make waves with Workplace. They officially launched in October of last year and have a few big name companies such as Starbucks and Viacom on board using their products.  Their portfolio is growing...
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Securing Your Electronic Transactions

April 17, 2017
As your business expands and you reach more consumers and orders, you will want to make customer security a high priority. Though you lock your shop at night and keep your cash in a safe, are you doing everything you can to protect your electronic files? Many consumers today don't carry cash, making debit and credit cards the go-to form of payment. Here are 3 tips to keep your customer's electronic records safe. Encryption and Tokenization - If...
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Does Bluetooth Security Meet Corporate Standards?

April 14, 2017
The use of Bluetooth technology has grown exponentially in recent years as the Internet of Things has continued to expand. Most consumers don't give security a second thought when pairing their new headphones and devices to their laptops or phones. What works well for the general public often doesn't make the grade in the corporate world. Luckily Bluetooth has stepped up their technology and security, getting closer to a viable corporate...
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See You Later, Ashley!

April 12, 2017
What a person, and what an event! Fun was had by all as Auditmacs celebrated Ashley Whealton as she moves on to focus on the next stage of her career... her family! Ashley, affectionately called "Snowflake", is an amazing part of the Auditmacs family and she will be greatly missed. Seen in the picture holding two guitars, Ashley received a baby Taylor and a beautiful Taylor 522 as going away...
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What is an MDM Solution?

March 29, 2017
What is MDM and do you need it? The workforce is becoming more remote and more mobile as technology is quickly advancing. Many people are doing much of their work from tablets and smartphones rather than the PC or laptop they were using a decade ago.  One thing missing from these devices that laptops and PC’s have is some type of antivirus or malware protection software.  Hackers have taken full advantage of this vulnerability and keep...
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